Permavoid Geocellular System

The Permavoid system comprises of high strength modular cells suitable for sub-base replacement, plus components that incorporate silt/ oil treatment and shallow flow controls into the system.    

It can be used in place of a traditional aggregate sub-base within trafficked pavements, providing a unique high strength, consistent structural raft in accordance with BS7533-13:2009.


The geocellular structures have a void ratio up to 95%, greatly enhancing the pavement's attenuation capacity and reducing aggregate requirements in hydraulic pavements. The system is suitable beneath asphaltic, block-paved or concrete pavements and for the full range of traffic conditions from domestic driveways to highways.

    Features & benefits


    • Designed and tested for retention, attenuation or infiltration at shallower depths
    • Effective source control
    • Can be installed above a high water table
    • Allows water to spread across a site
    • Ideal for brownfield or contaminated sites
    • Can remove silt and hydrocarbon deposits
    • Removed the requirement for pumping stations
    • Oil interception at source, no petrol interceptors
    • Integrates with Polystorm geocellular solutions for deeper applications
    • High compressive and tensile strength under load
    • Suitable beneath both porous and non-porous surfaces
    • Reduces excavation depth and cost
    • No need for trench supports or associated plant
    • Permavoid System Applications

      The Permavoid system is designed to be used in place of traditional aggregate sub-base, providing a unique, high strength, consistent structural raft with all the benefits of a high voided mod