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A good quality product speedily installed is the key to success on today's road and highway projects. At Polypipe we have a proven ability to work on the necessary scale: the manufacturing capacity to produce the required quantities, the logistics and fleet resources to deliver everything you need on time from a single source for surface water drainage, adoptable sewers, SuDs and cable protection systems.


Plastics Beat Legacy Materials
Our engineered thermoplastic systems are lighter than traditional materials, requiring less heavy plant and smaller teams during construction, and resulting in quicker installation. Health and Safety can also be enhanced by working with Polypipe - a major consideration when working on a live highway.


Surface Water and Adoptable Drainage Solutions
Ridgidrain and Ridgistorm-XL surface water drainage systems, available in diameters from 100mm to 3000mm, are compliant with MCHW, Volume 1, Series 500 (Specification for Highway Works) (750-900mm) with AIP acceptance to Specification for Highway Works, Series 2500 through BD2/05 Standard for Highways Schemes (1050-3000mm).

Our Polysewer, Ridgisewer and Ridgistorm-XL piping systems, available in 150-3000mm diameters, provide surface water drainage for private roads that are adopted by water companies.


Flood Alleviation
We can also offer sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) for the storage of large volumes of surface water at the side of the road, including our innovative Ridgistorm-XL large diameter pipe system and Polystorm geocellular range. They can be used for either attenuation or infiltration depending on the ground conditions. RIDGISTORMCheck Chambers can be utilised for flow control in attenuation applications.


Surface Water Treatment
We can complement these systems with a range of surface water treatment solutions, such as RIDGISTORMSeparate Silt Traps and Catchpits and Ridgitreat surface water treatment pipes, which can be used to separate everything from silt and debris through to heavy metal pollutants, improving the quality of water entering the watercourse.


Cable Protection Range
The offering is completed by a comprehensive cable protection range, for motorway communication, street lighting and power applications. Our ducting range is easy to install and comes in both straight lengths and coils, sealed and non-sealed dependent on the project specification.


Working to the Highest Standards
Our Ridgidrain surface water drainage pipes and Ridgiduct cable protection ranges are BBA HAPAS approved.

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