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Building the future through our passion for innovation.

As part of the Genuit Group, Polypipe Middle East strives to create a better built environment by developing and producing sustainable solutions that address the key challenges faced in water, climate, and ventilation management. Our commitment to sustainability is fundamental to our commercial strategy, driving innovation in both our business operations and the products we offer. We are dedicated to finding solutions for the environmental challenges facing our infrastructure, buildings, and communities, and delivering them at scale. 


The businesses within the Genuit Group are widely recognised as professionals and experts in their respective markets. We specialise in a range of solutions for commercial and residential applications, including heating and ventilation, fabrications, roads and highways, plumbing, large-scale water storage and drainage, tall building applications, and green infrastructure solutions. Our objective is to help the construction industry create better-built environments. 


Together, we aim to provide solutions to the sustainability and construction challenges of today and in the future. Such challenges include the growing demand for resilient drainage systems, the imperative for green urbanisation, the need for cleaner and healthier air, the desire for more high-performing, robust drainage solutions, and the drive for innovative future-ready systems.



Combining British engineering with regional expertise.


Globally renowned as one of Europe’s largest and most innovative manufacturers of sustainable drainage solutions and water management systems, we take pride in our British heritage and ongoing commitment to supporting the Building Services industry. By fostering collaborative partnerships with customers, we deliver exceptional outcomes for both indoor and outdoor projects, expertly navigating challenges to ensure a seamless and successful project from start to finish.


Combining this with our 60 years of experience in the Middle East, you can trust that our expertise and insight will help you navigate any regulatory challenges with ease and confidence.


Our local team possesses a deep understanding of the region’s constantly evolving legislative landscape. Our technical team works closely with contractors, consultants, and local municipalities to ensure that the high-rise landscape of the GCC is compliant, safe, and resilient.


You can trust that our expertise and insight will help you navigate any regulatory challenges with ease and confidence.



Doing well by doing good.


Sustainability lies at the heart of our business operations, as we strive to enable our clients to manage the world’s most precious resources - air and water - in a safe and responsible manner. By incorporating sustainable practices into our solutions, we aim to streamline the construction industry and accelerate progress, while minimising our environmental impact. Through innovative thinking and a commitment to environmental stewardship, we strike a balance between convenience, value, speed, and sustainability, delivering solutions that benefit both our clients and the planet.


With an unrivalled portfolio of above ground and below ground drainage, storm/surface water management and plumbing systems, Polypipe Middle East is a market-leading expert of managing water in the built environment.


From innovative drainage systems for the world’s tallest buildings to the preservation and management of the region’s stormwater, Polypipe design, manufacture and supply durable solutions that help sustain the future development of the Middle East. Our versatile range of trusted products, coupled with our impressive local manufacturing capabilities and state-of-the-art technical centre, allows us to supply some of the region’s highest-profile projects with intelligently engineered, holistic water management solutions to help build resilient cities across the Middle East.


With extensive experience working closely with major regional municipalities, global clients, consultants and contractors, our expert team provide unparalleled technical support and specialist knowledge to help customers meet the needs of their project, as well as the industry.




The partner to deliver your vision.


Our expert design and technical teams will support you from the planning and design stages right the way through your project’s journey to completion. 

With inherent knowledge of high-rise and super high-rise towers, our engineers understand explicitly where to begin, how to progress, and how to deliver an end result that everyone, including planning and compliance, are happy with. 



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    Polypipe is the UK's largest plastic piping systems manufacturer, employing over 2,000 people. We design, manufacture and deliver the UK's broadest range of innovative products, 100 systems in all, and our products convey everything from water and air to chemicals and telecoms, as well as providing sewage and heating solutions.