Limited Drainage Networks

Tailored, future-proof solutions


An integrated and innovative approach to creating a new drainage infrastructure is essential in a region that suffers from twin challenges: too little water overall, and too much surface water at times, causing highways and roads to flood.


Sustainable urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) are the answer, treating water not as a nuisance, but as precious and reusable resource. This means utilising all resources available to us. Through innovative and scalable SuDS solutions our urban environments can build up resilience to water scarcity. By reducing and harnessing surface storm water, thereby reducing flood risk, SuDS also reduce the amount of irrigation water that’s needed to keep local green spaces watered, as the collected water is reused at source.  


SuDS can help all those involved in urban development meet legislative and regulatory obligations, whilst helping communities reap the benefits of a sustainable water solution. 


Polypipe have the proven expertise, experience and specialist products to provide a comprehensive range of tailored, future-proof drainage and water management solutions. This is combined with a deep understanding of key legislation, varying local conditions and regional priorities, especially the demand for sustainable solutions.

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