Below Ground Drainage Systems

We offer a highly accredited range of robust pipe solutions for the safe and effective transport of water.

Using the latest plastics manufacturing technology to satisfy the requirements of today’s installers, Polypipe’s below ground drainage range offers both rigid and foam core pipes, lighter weight alternatives to clay gullies and sewerage systems, both manholes and flow control chambers, and a comprehensive range of fittings to suit all applications

  • Terrain Below Ground Drainage

    Our extensive range of pipes & fittings is specifically designed to meet building regulations and is designed for use in commercial, industrial, housing and public sector developments.

  • Ridgigully

    Our high-quality, light, easy to handle and install alternative to heavy concrete and clay gullies, manufactured in durable HDPE in 3 sizes.

  • Ridgidrain

    Made from high-strength HDPE using a structured wall design, Ridgidrain is a robust, flexible pipe that is a modern and light alternative to traditional legacy products.

  • Ridgistorm-XL

    Our large-diameter plastic piping system is suitable for a wide range of applications in the Middle East.

  • Ridgisewer

    A tough, highly durable, chemical and sewer gas-resistant range of pipes for new and replacement gravity sewerage systems.

  • Polysewer

    Available in diameters from 150-300mm, Polysewer is a range of PVCu structured wall pipes and fittings ideally suited for use in gravity sewers.

  • Manholes and Catchpits

    Pre-fabricated plastic one-piece access units, robust yet much lighter and more transportable than concrete or clay equivalents.

  • Silt Traps

    Silt traps prevent potentially damaging impurities in surface water from entering the Polystorm tank system.

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