Water Management Solutions

Polypipe’s pioneering range of products allows us to provide bespoke systems for a huge range of specialist water management solutions.

From podium deck systems and soakaway solutions to capillary irrigation systems, the versatility of our water management offering provides designers and installers with an unrivalled selection of solutions to match the specific requirements of their project.

  • Podium Decks

    Permavoid addresses numerous technical challenges caused by podium decks drainage and provides a simple solution for the movement and management of water beneath both soft and hard landscapes. 

  • Sports Pitches

    We provide a wide variety of specialist piping and drainage systems for sports installations in the region, helping venues improve their performance and suitability.

  • Attenuation

    Our innovative water attenuation systems store surface water run-off on site in geocellular tanks to re-use as required for sustainable water management. 

  • Soakaway

    Our soakaway systems prevent saturation and flooding of land after stormwater events using soakaway techniques.

  • Car Parks

    From source control through attenuation, detention and soakaway, our wide range of products address the many challenges facing car parks, helping to minimise environmental degradation.

  • Capillary Irrigation System

    Uses TSE, air conditioning condensate, wash-down or captured stormwater and a combination of capillary fiber cones with special geotextiles to provide controlled irrigation for soft landscaping areas.

  • Detention

    Our detention solutions accommodate the peak flows of common stormwater events and hold the water at the site so it can be either re-used or discharged. 


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