Water Management Systems

Polypipe offers a market-leading range of water management systems and solutions for the urban water cycle environment. These include the ability to capture, store, manage and re-use water across the built environment and also geocellular structural tanks for stormwater attenuation and infiltration.

Suitable for residential, civils and infrastructure or commercial projects, our advanced range of water management systems is leading the way to a more sustainable and water-conscious Middle East.

  • Polystorm Range

    Polystorm is a range of geocellular products for use beneath both trafficked and non-trafficked surfaces in the Middle East.

  • Permavoid System

    Permavoid is a shallow geocellular water management system aimed at managing surface water at source, as close to where it falls as possible.

  • Storm-X4 System

    Storm-X4 treatment system uses the latest four-stage upward filtration technology to improve the quality of surface water run-off.


Literature & Technical info

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