Following the letter of the law


Given the lack of natural water reserves, governments in the Middle East are now taking action through legislation and regulation to encourage more efficient use of this precious commodity. Laws like Estidama, GSAS/QSAS and the Dubai Green Building Regulations all now demand superior water management designs.


Now, more than ever, demonstrating a practical commitment to sustainability and sustainable drainage solutions is part and parcel of any construction project proposal, particularly in the Middle East where regional municipalities increasingly require planners and developers to set out meaningful sustainability proposals before granting any development approval.


Polypipe are experts in local legislations and regulations. We work extremely closely with governing bodies to ensure that our product range responds to the changes in planning policies and other regulations. Moreover, we provide a comprehensive range of water management and drainage system solutions to help designers, installers, planners, developers and contractors meet all local regulations governing water in the Middle East. 


For businesses operating in the construction industry in the UAE and Middle East, a clear and genuine commitment to sustainability is not just important, it is essential. To find out more about the different types of legislation or building regulations that might affect your schemes, please contact us.

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