Plumbing and Pressure Systems

Our PVC plumbing systems and pressure pipe products are proven, lightweight and durable when compared to heavier traditional legacy materials. 

High performance polyethylene pressure pipe systems provide strong yet flexible solutions for water supply and distribution, and our multi-layer plumbing systems not only meet the needs of commercial installers in the Middle East but also integrate seamlessly with existing water supply and distribution systems.

  • Polyplumb

    An integrated flexible PVC plumbing system incorporating polybutylene pipes and a complementary range of push fit pipe fittings  for permanent jointing.

  • Polyfit

    A simple to install, fully demountable and reusable hot and cold water push fit plumbing solution.

  • Polyfast

    A range of plumbing fittings that offers an economical compression system for jointing a huge range of pipework.

  • Polymax

    The perfect push fit plumbing system for surface mounted installations. As well as having sleek and attractive fittings, it is also easily demounted using our handy release tool.

  • Polysure

    Available with either brass or plastic fittings, Polysure is radial press fit plumbing system with secure jointing technology that provides it with a slim profile and permanent fit.

  • Surestop

    With water damage being the biggest risk for properties across the Middle East, Surestop is an innovative pressure solution for switching water on or off to provide peace of mind when a property is unattended.