Above Ground Drainage and Rainwater Systems

Pioneers in the development of PVC drainage systems and PVC pipe fittings, Polypipe leads the field in terms of durability, range and long-term reliable above ground drainage solutions.

We have engineered an extensive range of PVC pipes and pipe fittings that represent the industry benchmark for quality, flexibility and product innovation. We also recognise the complex challenges facing construction in the Middle East which is why our above ground drainage systems are fully adaptable, meaning they can accommodate all regulations and client requirements.

  • Terrain PVC

    Our extensive range of PVC-u soil, waste, ventilation, roof and rainwater drainage systems is ideal for both residential and commercial projects.

  • Terrain FUZE

    Terrain FUZE is a high performance, modern drainage system which has been used on a wide range of prestigious commercial buildings.

  • Terrain Q

    A multi-layer, noise-reducing acoustic drainage system with anti-fouling and best in class fire protection.

  • Terrain Rainwater Outlet

    A complete system of gutter and downpipe assemblies that include all pipe fittings and accessories required for collecting rainwater.



Polypipe has been delivering Terrain solutions in the Middle East for over 60 years. We remain dedicated to providing innovative solutions that enhance public health. Watch to learn more: