Water Table

Reducing flood water and preventing water wastage


High water tables can be a challenge in many areas across the Middle East. Rain is rare, but when it does fall it takes the form of violent storms with the risk of flash flooding. Much of the resulting stormwater is lost, either running off into the water table or evaporating.


Polypipe offers a range of flood mitigation and water management solutions for high water table areas. We offer a two-pronged approach: slowing water runoff to prevent flooding, and enabling flood water to be collected at or near the source for purification and reuse. 


Polystorm is designed to slow water runoff to prevent flooding, and can help developers create space for managing water within the built environment. Its geocelluar design can create a strong, flexible tank below parks and roads (or other hard surfaces) to storewater channelled from buildings and surface drains. 


It means that instead of surface and stormwater running off directly into the sewer system as water waste (and potentially flooding sewer systems), it’s captured and diverted to be reused to help sustain the local environment.


Permavoid is a shallow geocellular water conservation system aimed at managing surface water at source. 


It can be used directly below pervious paving and drain asphalt surfaces as a source control technique, or below impermeable top surfaces in conjunction with a water treatment system such as Permachannel. It’s ideal for pavement structures and projects requiring shallow soakaway, attenuation or detention such as contaminated ground and in areas with high water tables. 


Both Polystorm and Permavoid greatly reduce the pressure on drainage systems in the event of heavy rainfall and are suitable for regions with high water table areas. For more information on how these solutions could help your project, contact us.

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