Source Control

Tackling the issue at its source


The need to re-address the huge water consumption fuelled by rapid urbanisation and population growth has become a key concern in the Middle East. This and the extreme stormwater events the region experiences have led to ‘source control’ becoming an increasingly popular sustainable system choice.


Source control captures, stores and controls water as close to the source as possible, reducing peak flow rates into drainage networks and preventing flooding after heavy rainfall. Polypipe’s Polystorm and Permavoid water management systems are ideal for source control solutions, whether at shallow or deeper depths, allowing designers to integrate the most effective water management techniques for their projects.


Our systems can also treat water at source, removing sand or silt using smaller separation chambers, which allows treated water to be made immediately available for further re-use.


Polystorm and Permavoid source control solutions:


  • Manage water close to where it lands
  • Provide treatment at the point of entry, removing sand, silt and contaminants
  • Act as an integrated water management solution
  • Maximise water potential for re-use, irrigation, wash down, etc
  • Protect downstream infrastructure systems
  • Reduce health and safety risks associated with deep excavations

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