Water Management Solutions for Transport Hubs

Much of the Middle East’s recent economic development has been fuelled through its world-class transport hubs. Ironically however, poor management of water and waste can place these critical facilities in jeopardy, with high water tables, poor sewerage or a sudden influx of stormwater all posing potential challenges to day-to-day operations. 


Working to tight deadlines and even tighter budgets, our water management solutions have become the products of choice for rail, port and airport schemes across the globe, helping these five star facilities carefully and sustainably manage stormwater events plus their water and waste. 


Polypipe’s water management solutions for the capture, storage and recycling of water and waste have been used in many prestigious transport schemes throughout the region. Meeting critical codes of practice and regulations is at the core of our approach, helping us to overcome water and public health challenges like bad smells or loss of trap seals in drainage systems.


Transport hubs, such as airports, have become cornerstones of the Middle East, supporting the massive infrastructure growth the region is known for. However, in an environment where “on time, every time” is the philosophy, delays due to flooding or water issues become unacceptable. Airports are looking for solutions that are not only reliable and durable but also ones that are resilient and will perform over a long lifetime.


That’s why Polypipe offers a comprehensive range of water management solutions, providing engineers with innovative and cost-effective systems to control both water and waste. Our systems have been used around the region in significant developments, helping to overcome issues like high water tables and the controlled discharge of stormwater.



Our Transport Solutions Include: