Podium Decks - Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS)

Our Permavoid Podium deck  water management system provides an ideal first stage source control that can be easily integrated into an overall Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) strategy.


This can significantly enhance the sustainability of a project by allowing stormwater or condensate to be captured and stored on the Podium Deck area to be used for passive irrigation of green areas.


The Permavoid Podium Deck system addresses a number of the technical challenges presented by the need for stormwater drainage on decks and roofs and that are beyond the capabilities of traditional gravel and geocomposite layers. The water storage capacity afforded by the Permavoid system means that there is no need for drainage outlets to be taken through the deck, water can be taken to the edge of the slab where rainwater down pipe connections are easy to make. Thus overcoming many of the key design, construction and cost issues associated with Podium Deck stormwater drainage in the Middle East.


Our Permavoid Podium Deck system avoids all these issues, whilst providing many other benefits. The system consists of light weight, modular cells that can be interlocked to create a load-supporting raft across the largest trafficked deck area, while providing integral drainage, water conveyance and capillary irrigation. Used beneath soft or hard scapes, it allows developers to utilise more of the deck area for parking, green roofing or leisure facilities. Find out more about Permavoid.


Key Benefits:


  • Easily integrated into overall SUDS strategy
  • Reduced leak potential - eliminates the need for outlets through the deck
  • Multi functional - acts as a combined drainage and attenuation system
  • Maximises space - increases deck area and eliminates the need for pipe work 
  • Load bearing system - strong enough to carry traffic loads
  • Proven 50-60% water savings versus traditional surface irrigation systems
  • Reduced time, labour and materials on-site 
  • Quick and easy to install

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