High Rise Drainage & Water Supply Systems

High-rise is about handling high pressure drainage


The taller the building, the higher the water pressure in places, and the greater the need for specially designed durable water supply and plumbing systems.


Polypipe offer a range of water supply, heating and plumbing systems for the challenging drainage conditions created by skyscrapers. Our high performance Polyplumb pipes and Effast range of PVC-u pipes and pipe fittings are ideal for high pressure water supply and distribution.


As experts in super-high-rise drainage, Polypipe offer turn-key drainage solutions that can cope with the extensive requirements of high rise projects in the Middle East and eliminate the common risks associated with them, such as unpleasant odours, environmental and public health issues.


Polypipe’s drainage systems and solutions have been designed to deal with high peak demands of water and wastewater, both internally and externally within tall and high-rise commercial buildings. Our Terrain drainage systems offer technical peace of mind for high-rise office and commercial systems in conjunction with innovative water supply products and water management solutions for urban space saving design.


As always, the best advice is to involve the Polypipe technical team at an early stage to be sure of finding the most appropriate and cost effective solution.

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