Terrain Hydromax Siphonic Rainwater System

Located in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, this pioneering development was designed by Foster and Partners.

Due to the sheer scale and complexity of the "MIST1B" development and the need to keep pipework to an absolute minimum, a siphonic system was quickly recognised as being the only suitable solution to ensure efficient removal of any rainwater, whilst also providing the ability to collect and recycle.

The Terrain HydroMax Siphonic system was specifically chosen, critically providing complete client confidence from a unique package covering manufacturing, design and installation - key to ensure ultimate performance. This was achieved through collaborative working practices between highly experienced design consultants, Siphonic Solutions Ltd and Terrain approved installers, Zener Steward, closely supported and overseen by the locally based Polypipe Gulf technical team.

Earlier phases of Masdar are now fully operational, with MIST1B nearing completion.

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