Creating a Safer Environment for the Hardworking Residents of Dubai Industrial City Labour Camp

Wave goodbye to flooding, thanks to Polypipe’s Polystorm

Dubai Industrial City (DIC) is one of the largest industrial hubs in the UAE. The development is home to diverse organisations that form part of the manufacturing sector, including companies that operate in the transport, food & beverage, chemical, machinery and logistics industries, to name just a few.

DIC lies at the heart of the city’s manufacturing and logistics activity, aiming to fast track the growth of the industrial sector in the UAE by providing a cost-effective business environment equipped with industrial land, labour villages and warehousing facilities. Other amenities offered by DIC include commercial office spaces, logistic solution support and retail showrooms, all which come together to create a thriving industrial space.

As part of its dynamic offering, DIC provides accommodation for many of the diligent workers that are employed in the manufacturing and logistics industry in Dubai. These employees are given dedicated residential apartments and townhouses that constitute larger labour camps.

Together with lead consultant, Khatib and Alami, and main contractor, Simi Contracting, Polypipe Middle East and its partners worked closely with project developer, Tecom Group, to craft, create and execute sustainable water management solutions that would ensure a safe and healthy environment for the residents of the DIC labour camp.

Polypipe Middle East conducted a detailed technical analysis of the site concluding that the labour camp was facing several challenges related to high water level tables, with no available connection to a water network. Firstly, much of the area is comprised of heavy-trafficked zones. Furthermore, the site called for a specialised solution that would require pumping out points to efficiently remove rainwater from water tanks.

Polypipe Middle East invited the client, contractor and consultant to their innovative Technical Centre for a detailed presentation, including a thorough material testing demonstration.

Following the technical analysis, Polypipe Middle East suggested implementing an attenuation system that allows for the capture of rainwater as it falls, improving collection and storage. With the ability to manage peak flows and alleviate flooding, this revolutionary system is proven to be more efficient and intelligent than traditional systems. It also complies with industry standard and is able to overcome floatation from the site’s high-water table.

Having previously worked on projects in residential and commercial areas that also required solutions to endure high footfall and heavy loading, such as Villanova at Amaranta and Souq Extra (Phase 2), Polypipe Middle East were able to leverage their experience and expertise to create a fit for purpose solution to meet the DIC Labour Camp’s project specifications.

Polystorm attenuation tanks were used to create voids under the ground, enhancing stormwater collection and preventing flooding. The tanks were fitted with specific points that would pump out and remove water from the tanks following rainfall. The lightweight and durable nature of the product made it easy to install and ideal for use under areas that encounter heavy traffic and loading.

Ultimately, Polypipe Middle East was able to deliver a reliable, compliant and spec-driven solution backed by technical expertise and outstanding customer service in order to overcome the challenging site conditions and contribute to the development of a more sustainable and healthy community at DIC Labour Camp.

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