Polystorm - Geocellular Water Management System

Polystorm is an efficient and versatile geocellular water management system for  Sustainable urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) compliant attenuation, detention or infiltration/soakaway. Designed for use in lightly trafficked and loaded applications, Polystorm geocelluar cells have a load bearing capacity of 40 tonnes/m². Polystorm is also hard-wearing, light weight and provides a 95% void ratio for maximum water capture and retention.


With a quick yet robust interlocking mechanism, the modular Polystorm cells can be combined to create a strong, flexible tank below hard surfaces to store surface water channeled from building guttering and surface drains. By offering a completely bespoke approach to subsurface water storage, Polystorm gives specifiers and contractors in the Middle East the opportunity to create wholly unique designs that match the exact demands of their development.


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