National Bank of Oman banks on Polypipe.

Polypipe Middle East provided significant cost and time savings at the Bank’s new Muscat headquarters.

Polypipe Middle East provided significant cost and time savings at the Bank’s new Muscat headquarters.

When the National Bank of Oman designed its impressive new headquarters with Ibrahim Jaidah Architects and Engineers, it wasn’t just the creation of a new 10-storey building that needed to be considered. Whilst traditional concrete storage tanks may have been the usual design approach to manage stormwater, Buro Happold, the chosen Design Consultant, together with Contractor, Al Turki Enterprises, and Ibrahim Jaidah, recognised the benefits  of utilising Polypipe’s geocellular solutions.

Polypipe’s Polystorm and Permavoid geocellular solutions were not only seen as an alternative to concrete tanks,  but through smart engineering offered up to 50% cost savings and significantly reduced installation time.

Polypipe provided a unique solution comprising of a 3,400m2 Permavoid tank designed to sit below the podium deck and mitigate the  impact of stormwater events, whilst also replacing much traditional underslung pipework and providing more usable  space back to the client. The system was accompanied by an additional 50m3 Polystorm tank to ensure the discharge wouldn’t overwhelm the local drainage network. While initial designs for  the concrete tank advised that the installation phase may take several months  to complete, Polypipe’s engineered geocellular solution could be completed in just a few days.  Polypipe’s technical experts undertook  regular site visits during the installation  phase to offer advice and ensure a  right-first-time installation.

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