Permavoid Shallow Geocellular Water Management System





Permavoid is our award-winning water management solution, designed to provide shallow water storage for attenuation, detention or soakaway/infiltration applications.


Permavoid has been recognised by a number of organisations for its ability to support the creation of green urbanisation in our cities. This includes winning Green Building Product of the Year 2020 award in the MENA region. We have supplied Permavoid to a number of prestigious projects in the region such as Dubai Expo 2020, National Bank of Oman and Passivhaus-Baytna Sustainable Villa in Qatar.




Design & Application

The system’s modular, high-strength design allows it to be used beneath the surface. It has been designed and tested for use in the place of traditional aggregate sub-base to improve reliability, durability and storage volumes. In a region that faces challenges with stormwater management, Permavoid is also suitable for stormwater attenuation and/or infiltration systems.


The cell itself is engineered in an interlocking, grid-like design to deliver exceptional strength, with the ability to support structural loads across even the most heavily trafficked areas. Peramvoid can be used directly below porous paving and asphalt surfaces for source control or in conjunction with a water treatment system such as Permachannel.






System Benefits

As we shift our focus more towards health, wellbeing and sustainability in the construction industry, Permavoid can deliver a number of social, economic and environmental benefits that support sustainable urban development.


Permavoid can be used to create blue/green roofs, which can:


-        Reduce the risk of flooding by 80% in our buildings

-        Increase biodiversity in cities to deliver more green spaces and urban farms

-        Cool building temperatures and reduce Urban Heat Island effect

-        Reduce AC demands by up to 75% (and associated costs)






As we look to the future, supporting green urbanisation is driving urban development in the region. Sustainable water management systems like Permavoid can help you meet sustainability goals and create spaces that better support health & wellbeing.


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