Polypipe Middle East Sponsors Future of Water Summit

Wednesday 6th September 2023
Future of Water Summit, Dubai

Polypipe Middle East is proud to have been one of the sponsors of today’s highly anticipated Future of Water Summit that took place at the Habtoor Grand Resort in JBR, Dubai.


The one-day conference brought together industry-leading experts, offering a platform for them to share valuable insights and knowledge across a diverse range of topics. The discussions were centred around the improvement, management, and rejuvenation of existing resources through technology, and the investment in wastewater treatment to support water sustainability. 


Our Regional Director of Water Management Solutions, Lina Abolail, was at the forefront of this event, delivering a compelling presentation titled 'Delivering Water to the Desert: Water Management in the GCC Region' which truly captivated the audience and led to some thoughtful discussion on the topic.





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