Permavoid Geocellular Water Management System

Permavoid is a shallow geocellular water management system aimed at managing stormwater and surface water at source, as close to where it falls as possible and is the ideal Sustainable urban Drainage System application for projects requiring such a solution.

Its high strength, durability and modular nature allows it to be strategically designed into pavement structures and is therefore ideal for use in projects requiring shallow soakaway/infiltration, attenuation or detention, such as in contaminated ground and in areas with high water tables. When combined with other parts of the Permavoid geocellular range, the complete water management system allows for superior management and improvement of water quality. 


Shallower attenuation, detention or soakaway /infiltration structures are often necessary in the Middle East because the ground at greater depths can present construction challenges. This could be the presence of chemicals or contamination left over from previous land use, underground watercourses or – more commonly in this region – an unusually high water table. A shallow approach is preferable because it does not rely on expensive pumping equipment and also has a reduced environmental impact due to the reduced excavation and work that needs to take place on site, making it the ideal green infrastructure solution.


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  • Permavoid

    Our latest cellular system designed to provide shallow water storage for attenuation, detention or infiltration beneath the surface.

  • Permachannel

    Our combined run-off collection, silt/effluent interception and treatment system.

  • Permavoid Biomat

    Designed to intercept and treat potential residual oils that may be present within emulsified surface water.

  • Geomembrane

    Impermeable liners used in water management systems to form watertight tanks.

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