Water Management Solutions for Roads & Highways

Polypipe’s water management systems address the pressing need to keep traffic flowing safely during stormwater events while also adhering to all urban transport planning regulations.  


Rapid urbanisation and population growth in the Middle East are placing great strain on already fragile infrastructure. Considered alongside the severe storm events in winter, stormwater running off roads and highways is becoming a serious contributing factor to local flooding. With this is mind there is an increasing demand for green infrastructure to help ensure the resilience of our urban environments.


With increasing pressure to mitigate the impact of stormwater runoff, solutions like Polystorm, Polypipe’s durable and light weight geocellular water management system, have been selected as a reliable soakaway solution to help mitigate flooding in areas such as Jumeirah, Dubai.


Our water management solutions are light weight, durable alternatives to traditional legacy materials, and our extensive knowledge of key issues means we can help designers and specifiers balance tight installation schedules with the need for long-term material performance.


Our Road and Highway Solutions Include:


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